Physics Activities

Learn the interrelatonships between math and physics.

View ActivityAstronomyBig BangComet Kohoutek transversing our universe
View ActivityAstronomyStar MapsStudy dynamic star maps to understand celestial phenomenon and watch the comic Kohoutek.
View ActivityAstronomyModels and MapsLearning to interpret earthly phenomenon by studying the stars
View ActivityForceBalance BarIllustrates the application of multiplication to explaining mechanical advantage
View ActivityForceConservation of MomentumThis shows experiments that confirm and illustrate the concept of the conservation of momentum
View ActivityForceSink or SwimUnderstanding how the conservation of energy explains why objects sink or float
View ActivityMeasurementRulerMeasuring with a ruler and importance of standard measuring devices.
View ActivityMeasurementClockOnce you understand rulers, it is easy to understand clocks.
View ActivityMeasurementScaleApplying number structure to weighing
View ActivityopticsInfinity MirrorTraces rays in order to explain how a mirror with infinite reflections works

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