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Learning how to Teach Your Children Mathematics

Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Math & Physics Exploration is offering a five hour program to teach you how to teach your children mathematics. The program will include the fundamental postulates of mathematics, teaching the addition and multiplication facts, and teaching fractions and the theory behind the rules. We will use these topics to show your children how to study, learn, and retain rather than rely purely on rote learning. We will also teach you how to your children how to apply this knowledge to be better students in the classroom. We have a decade of experience teaching parents and their children and have offered the program at schools and religious institutions. We have also used the program in teacher instruction. Many of our students have learned material far beyond their grade level and material that is not explicitly taught in school. The fee for the program will be $150 with the option of buying a textbook if you so desire. Parents who have need will be offered partial scholarships. The program will be offered on 5:00 to 6:00. The dates are yet to be announced but the program will likely start in October, 2017. An outline of the program is as follows: First week: The importance, use and meaning of the five postulates: Association, Commutation, Identity, Distributive, Transitive Second week: Learning addition: Apply the associative rules to make tens Third Week: Learning multiplication: Applying the associative and distribute rules Fourth week: Defining fractions and division and applying the five postulates to verify the rules of operations for fractions Fifth week: Completing the lesson on fractions and summarizing the earlier lessons. By using logic to prove what you had memorized and validation and measurement to confirm what you proved, we show you how to study, retain and understand what you are taught. Each lesson emphasizes this goal. Application: Name: Address: City: Zipcode: Phone number: E-Mail: Preferred dates and times (Date and time will be announced with sufficient applicants) Send info to:


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