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2/20/2018      Application for Math Camp 2018

Name: ____________________________

Address: __________________________

City: _____________________________

State: __________________ Zip: ______

Phone: ____________________________

Email: ____________________________

School: ___________________________

DOB: _____________ Grade 9/2018 ____

Circle starting day: Aug  6  Aug 13, 

A $60 deposit for each student is required to reserve a place at the camp. The Deposit must accompany this application. read more »

8/5/2017      Learning how to Teach Your Children Mathematics

The Math & Physics Exploration is offering a five hour program to teach you how to teach your children mathematics. The program will include the fundamental postulates of mathematics, teaching the addition and multiplication facts, and teaching fractions and the theory behind the rules. We will use these topics to read more »

3/2/2014      Common Core Alternative

A alternative to the Common Core Math is available on the website: .  This program makes use of three modals of teaching.
It has been tested on learning challenged and gifted children with great success.  Rather than departmentalize math, this program progresses logically so that it becomes read more »

8/30/2013      Hudson Valley Parent September 2013

In The Hudson Valley Parent September issue, one can read about the activities at the Exploration Center and comments of parents who use the Center's resources.


One can pick copies of the magazine at many store in the Hudson Valley area.  Go to their web-site and read more »

3/18/2013      Power of Patterns

Follow this link to see how a high school student can perform and memorize a complex calculation of two infinite power series to prove trigonometric identities using the binomial expansion and pascal triangle as the reference patterns;

He then challenges you to perform the same feat and to read more »


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